Our Work

The Skeena Fisheries Commission has over 30 years of success conducting aquatic science programs throughout the Skeena River Watershed. We also work outside of the Skeena with First Nations interested in conducting science programs in collaboration with our team. Data from our programs meet international standards for peer review, and over the years we’ve published many peer-reviewed papers.

We’ve compiled one of the most robust data sets for salmon and habitat in British Columbia, which supports fisheries priorities, objectives, and decision making for our Member Nations. Our data is also used by Indigenous, provincial, and federal government agencies to support fisheries management and conservation objectives.

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Technical Programs & Research

Stock assessment, environmental assessment, and ecosystem research to support fish and habitat protection

Photo: Thermorefugia project on the Babine

SFC Technical Committee

A Tier 2 forum for First Nations and government agencies to discuss fisheries science and technical priorities

Photo: SFC Technical Committee meeting

PICFI Business Development Team

Business advisory services for Indigenous Commercial Fishing Enterprises (CFEs) across the province

Photo: Commercial fishing boat – economic fisheries