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Skeena Fisheries Commission membership has evolved over the years, and currently includes the Gitxsan, Gitanyow, and Wet’suwet’en First Nations.

The Skeena Fisheries Commission Technical Committee is open to all First Nations with an interest in the management of Skeena fisheries.

Our work is driven by the communities we serve, to advance their priorities and support their Indigenous rights. We receive guidance and direction from our Commissioners, who are Hereditary Title Holders from each of our Member Nations.

Gitxsan Nation

Gitxsan Commissioner: Charlie Muldon

The Gitxsan Lax Yip (territory) spans 33,000 square kilometers and includes the Babine, Bulkley, and Kispiox Rivers and sections of both the Skeena and Nass watersheds. 

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Gitanyow Nation

Gitanyow Commissioner: Glen Williams

The Gitanyow Lax Yip (territory) includes large sections of 2 major watersheds, the Kitwanga and Nass Rivers. It also includes significant sections of the upper Kispiox River in the Swan Lakes area, a tributary to the Skeena River.

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Wet’suwet’en Nation

Wet’suwet’en Commissioner: Walter Joseph

The Wet’suwet’en Nation is on the Bulkley River and around Burns Lake, Broman Lake, and Francois Lake, and spans 22,000 square kilometers. Wetʼsuwetʼen means “People of the Wa Dzun Kwuh River” (Bulkley River).

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